Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm such a great blogger!

Well it's back to school tomorrow, so I won't be posting as often. Ha ha. I'm pretty hopeless, aren't I?? Well, I'm a busy lady. Did I mention I have two kids, one of whom is a pre-pubescent young lad full of attitude and the beginnings of testosterone overload; the other being a energetic four year old (we call him Hurricane Oliver) who goes non-stop from dawn until well after dusk.
If I had that kind of energy I'm sure I'd be posting five times a day (as well as cooking 7 course meals every night, marking all my kid's work before I left school, being up to date with all my planning, and of course exercising regularly!)...but I guess some things have to give from time to time (if you think I'm a hit-and-miss blogger, you should see my house!).
Well I was looking for a funny cartoon to sign off with, but they're all copyrighted and blaugh isn't oving me tonight. So I'll depart with a picture of me as a man....

Yes. I know. Scary.

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