Friday, June 6, 2014

Here's to the inconsistent blogger!

I love to blog. There's something immensely satisfying about getting your thoughts and opinions out there to the 5 people that occasionally read it big wide world.

This blog was my first. I started it way back in 2008 when things were very different, both for me and for technology in schools. In the intervening six years I've been through my own personal crisis and two job changes. For a while, I was working for the local government (technically I'm still employed by them), and always felt a little hesitant about posting. Now, I'm working for a University, and I thought if nothing else, it might be worth resurrecting my blog for my students (hello students!).

I've just been to a big education technology conference (more about this in the next post), which has provided me with some motivation to keep going. I am on the right path here, and I hope that I can bring some of you along for the ride.


Richard Schwarz said...

Love this post. I, too, am an inconsistent blogger, with all of the intentions that a person could have.

Having also just been to EduTECH, I've got lots of dreams to write up my reflections... but time. Time is the enemy here... that and marking... time, marking and report writing. :)

Your review of Jukes is great and covered all his main points.

So, thanks. As a fellow blogger of sporadic nature, I know that feedback is nice.

Mel said...

Thanks Richard! Although I really do like to just write, it's also nice to know someone is out there now and again.
Time is definitely not our friend! But this year I do really want to capture my EduTECH thoughts. Today I'm aiming for Sugata Mitra's keynote.