Monday, March 24, 2008

And what about wikis?

I'm sure everyone knows wikipedia, but have you ever edited it?
I have - it's a strangely exciting feeling! (OK so I'm sad and have absolutely no life!)
Wikis are also very easy to create and another potential tool for the classroom.

I thinking about what would be some good ways to use wikis in the classroom. What about interactive glossaries, where kids added words they'd found on the internet and included definitions etc.
Or what about a place to put mistakes found in the media and online?
Or perhaps a group-created story or a written history of the suburb?

Limitless potential - once you get the hang of it!

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Vickie said...

Mel, I love that idea about an interactive glossary. Was only thinking the other day that I wanted to get my vocabulary word wall back up and happening but didn't have the wall space to put it. Did consider the ceiling but a wiki is a much better idea!