Monday, March 24, 2008

What's blog got to do, got to do with it?

Blogging. For those of us who are - shall we say - unfamiliar, there's a whole world of it out there. There are currently around 100 million blogs out there (, with another 100 million now abandoned into the ether (including, I'm sure at least one that I started a couple of years ago!).
So obviously we're not going to go out there and read all of them, but it is possible to find a blog (or two) that have something to do with our interests.
And that's where teaching comes in. There are lots of educational themed blogs out there, but we can go a little further. Teachers are starting to use them with their students, with lots of opportunities available for online collaboration and discussion.

Check out these examples:

Mr. Sumner's page is pretty cool:

This one's Australian:

Food for thought.

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Matthew Veitch said...

nHow exciting Mel, this could open up many new possibilities into the world of teaching. I cant wait for the holidays to try and get one of my own up and running. Might have to have a master class with you :o)