Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Howdy strangers!
No, I didn't get scared and run away with less than 10 posts under my belt! 
There are a few reasons I haven't been in for a while: end-of-term-itis, family and home life (I have spent the past couple of days painting), and the dismal fact of not having an awful lot to contribute.

Oh, and I've been playing with my new toy a little bit. One of the programs I'm particularly fond of is photo booth. Is it any wonder when it can make me look like this?

What a great program! A simple in-built camera that does the most bizarre things with your image! What fun! Can't wait to show the class!
Haven't touched garageband or itunes yet though. Hopefully soon. I'm still organising all my music (I have about 4500 songs on there), which is always my priority.

What else is new?
My last PD was smartboards, which I did last year, but it was nice to see what others are doing. One of the fantastic teachers I did the course with last year had made a fantastic podcast - very inspiring!
And I'd been kind of bitter about smartboards of late - not having had daily access to one for the entire term. That's finally been rectified (on the second-last day of term mind you), so I'm itching to get back to it. No network access mind you, so we're running from the hard drive. A bit tricky, but better than nothing.

Where do we find good smartboard stuff? Well, if you don't have the 'essentials for educators' gallery (sorry activboard users), it's a good place to start. It's on the CD, and you can also click "check for updates" in your gallery.
Another place to go is the
SmartTechnologies website, which has forums, resources, lesson plans, and other things to try. Elsewhere on the site there are short tutorials on a variety of smartboard tasks.

And...? A real blog!
A friend sent me a link to this
blog, which is written by a "teacher teacher" from what I can gather. Some good stuff about new technologies and learning.

And before I go, another great photo booth creation:


Anonymous said...

ome more resources for SMART Boards can be found out our site - - lots of teacher created materials, notebook lessons, etc.

John H. Curry said...

I'm glad you like my blog, and I'm glad I found yours. I look forward to learning from you as well!


Deb said...

i am torn between macs and pc's too... i use macs at school on our activboard and pcs at home. i think if i went and bought a mac it would be grounds for divorce, as daryl hates them. you'll love garage band... it forms the basis of my music program because it is easy and i am not musical!! it makes me look like a pro!